Tractor has been invented and it was recorded in the year 1982 that a tractor that its engine is being powered by gasoline has been successfully done. This tractor could go backward and forward and it was the accomplishment of a man named John Froelich in the small village that is located in Iowa northeast part. They did not use the term tractor during that time and there are tractors that use the steam for power for threshing the wheat.

Manual farming is difficult especially if that person has acres to cover. It could be expensive also to hire people for working and harvesting. That is why people could find ways so they can cut costs. The use of tractors in agriculture became an important one. That is because production should be improved so that costs could be cut and also it could become faster. The ancient tractors have some limit on the tasks it could be done but still a great help.

Now modern tractors are easier and convenient to use. Many people like to have them but they could not buy because of lack of money. That is because they also have a smaller size of the farm and they just do all the works manually. Tractors these days can till, plow, and to plant seeds. They can also do regular maintenance of the landscape, to spread fertilizer or move them, to clear the bushes, and many more functions. They are a big help on the farms in many occasions.