The different areas of attractions you can find in Henderson, Texas

When you will visit Henderson in Texas, you will surely have many things to do as there are many that were already prepared. from the simple ones to like special ones, you can see events being happened. There are events that only happened once a year that is good if you can experience them. There is the Gaston Museum where you can see displays that were made to show what was like it before in the time of the 1930’s of the life of the workers in the oilfield which was the largest in around the world once before.

Just 3 miles from Henderson is the Rusk Country Airport where people can use. There are its enough features like free internet and parking. If you also like to go and visit the Henderson Civic Center. Its location and center are in the Lake Forest Park and where you can go to attend events like weddings or any parties. If you like flowers you should go to the Jordan’s Plant Farm as you will find many varieties of plants and flowers. There are also gifts and candles for sale.

If you wish to see a cotton plantation, head over to the Monte Verdi Cotton Plantation where you can see a home built in 1856. Now it is owned by the Koch family. One unique celebration in Henderson is the Heritage Syrup Festival where sugarcane syrup is being made since it began in 1989 with the service of this air conditioner cleaning company 冷氣清洗. You can also find Texas Historic Markers, Fair Park, Henderson Sports Complex, Martin Creek Lake State Park, and the Henderson Civic Theater.