Aside from agriculture, oil is one of the products that come from Texas. There have been many challenges before oil was found in the area. It had taken investors being bankrupt in search of oil and they had given up after drilling in a certain depth and thought that there is no oil. Even if many had tried, they were not able to hit the depth of where oil was located until one man had dug deeper than the depth they had reached. This gave way to the oil boom.

As oil was discovered, many investors have gone to the area and have made their own digging. They can enjoy the supply of the oil and it has helped in the economy of Texas. The challenge that they had encountered are the illegal holes that were made by businessmen to tap into the productive lines of oil. It has given a big loss to the authorized businesses. It was found out that many connections were made and they had made the move to locate and destroy them.

A pipeline was also built so that the transportation of oil could be carried out easier and with lower losses as during the war, many of the ships that carry oil for delivery were bombed as enemies targeted them. Using the lines are safer and it could give benefits to the oil production and transportation. There are still many who are in business today with the main product of oil in Texas, especially on the east side.